Recycling Banks

JFC Spacesaver bottle banks are available in a broad range of colours. There are two versions – 1.5cum and 2.5cum – both are visually the same which gives you a consistent look on civic amenity sites and supermarkets etc…no matter what size you choose.

Spacesaver units are designed for high visibility locations where visual amenity is important including city centres, car parks, residential areas and roadsides. SpaceSavers can collect glass, paper or textiles and create ideal mini recycling systems in civic community sites and supermarket car parks.

JFC Red and Green Recycling Bins

Advantages of JFC Recycling Banks

  • One style, two sizes. Spacesaver 2.5cu.m measures 1165mm x 1750mm high.
  • SpaceSaver Junior 1.5cu.m measures 890mm wide x 1440mm deep x 1480mm high.
  • Through-coloured polyethylene in any colour from our current selection.
  • Choose the 2.5 cu.m with 1 tonne capacity and fit four side by side each in one car parking space.
  • Or the 1.5cu.m with 1/2 tonne capacity will fit five side by side in one car parking space.
  • A wide range of factory fitted options are available.
  • Robust one-piece body construction.
  • Long life plastic doors.
  • Standard contractor HIAB emptying.
can bank red
Spacesaver Green
Clear Glass Only
Brown Glass Only
Green Glass Only

Customised Recycling Banks


For the disabled members of the community who wish to do their bit for the environment. We offer a Disabled Posting Port. This option cannot be retro-fitted, it can only be fitted in new build banks this is because it has its own chute for depositing which cannot be fitted after the initial build.

Security Kits

All JFC Recycling banks with circular ports can be fitted with this smart polypropylene circular brush strip mounted in an aluminium extrusion. A bottle can be inserted through the brush strip but removal is made much more difficult as it is not possible to see inside the bank and the hand has to be pushed through the brush strip. The seal further reduces the sound emissions for those sites where noise pollution could be an issue.


The state-of-art in silenced banks. The bank is fitted with the security/hush kit and then the upper area of the bank is lined with sound absorbing material.

Chutes are fitted to the posting ports which extend down to the base of the bank. The chutes are designed to slow the bottle down after posting. The design of the chutes allows bottles to spill off the sides as the bank fills up, so bottles never have to fall more than a few centimetres. Sound reductions of 85% are achievable with Muffler specified banks.

Customised Name Plates

During the moulding process instructions or logos can be moulded in. These details are then prominently displayed on the surface and are painted to enhance their appearance. Unlike transfers or stickers these details cannot be scratched off.

Commercial Ports

All banks are available with large posting ports. These allow a full crate of empties to be posted in one go. Ports are available with locks.

Side Doors

Some of our customers prefer to empty can banks through a side door. We fit a net inside and the bank can be emptied without the use of HIAB type vehicle.


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