Transitanks intermediate bulk containers are used for the safe transportation and storage of non-hazardous liquids and slurries. A variety of inlets, outlets and optional extras are available. Transitanks can also be tailor made to customer specific requirements, with company/product name, logo or branding moulded into the body of the container.


  • Octagonal Transitanks

A space efficient design with a very low centre of gravity. Fitted with a sump outlet as standard. A total       drainage option is also available.

  • Coned Transitanks

 These tanks have an angled cone bottom for difficult to discharge materials, viscous liquids and slurries.

  • Cylindrical Transitanks

These tanks share many of the advantages of coned shaped transitanks but have a shallower inclined base to minimise the centre of gravity and overall height. Ideal for areas with restricted headroom, they are particularly suitable for in-vessel mixing.

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